Sbi Clerk Job Profile- Roles And Responsibilities

The State Bank of India is a multinational public sector bank and statutory entity in India that provides financial services. The organisation releases an SBI Clerk Notification yearly, giving a chance to all graduate candidates to serve as the face of SBI in a reputed branch across the country. SBI Clerk can be a golden opportunity if you are a government job aspirant. SBI conducts clerk examinations to recruit eligible candidates for Junior Associates (Customer Support and Sales) in various branches across India. Before you gear up your preparation for such an esteemed examination, continue reading and acquaint yourself with the roles and responsibilities of the clerk at SBI bank. 

Roles And Responsibilities

An SBI Clerk’s duties include customer service operations and front desk services. The junior associates will receive training to handle customer inquiries, withdraw money from an account, manage receipts, etc. Furthermore, this article discusses the various designations given to bank clerks and their duties; continue reading!

SWO, or Single Window Operator

Review the following work responsibilities of the SWO for which they will receive extra compensation:

  • Recognise when internal emails are received.
  • Including a statement in the counterfoil confirming certain events, such as the receipt of checks, dividend warrants, the payment of orders, and draughts
  • Is responsible for the delivery of the cheque books to the authorised party.
  • Issuing the cash receipts.
  • Money notes are being counted again by the cash department’s assistants.
  • Clearing and transferring checks and vouchers independently (credit or debit)
  • Cash receipts and the issuance of draughts with pre-signed signatures, gift checks, pay orders, bank orders, and traveller’s checks

Head Cashier (HC)

Along with the responsibilities of the clerical cadre, the tasks of the HC include keeping the bank’s cash, keys, and other valuables in safe custody, being accountable for them, and operating the cash department:

  • Verification of signatures and endorsements in the local tongue
  • Add a countersignature to payment orders, deposit reacceptances, and other documents (on one’s behalf or in the communication).
  • Doing work for the government’s treasury.
  • Being in charge of the departments of clearance and godown, etc.
  • Transferring and clearing checks, receipts, other documents (whether credits or debits), and cash vouchers.

Special Assistant (SA)

Special Assistants’ responsibilities include overseeing and vetting the work of other clerks, sub-staff, and other employees in the department/section they are assigned to. These responsibilities include:

  • Transferring and clearing monetary instruments, checks, and vouchers separately, manually or online (whether credits or debits)
  • Signing documents such as vouchers, checks, draughts, postal transfers, pay orders, and advice (such as those regarding non-payment, inter-branch calling, bill schedules, demand notifications, and statement certificates, among others)
  • Checking current, savings, and other accounts, either manually or electronically.
  • Give consumers a brief explanation of the features of the bank’s various goods and services, respond to their questions, and direct interested parties to the proper staff.

Universal Teller (UT)

  • Receiving checks, demand draughts, withdrawal forms, and banker’s statements, the Universal Teller (UT) processes them before checking to see if the instrument was drawn correctly or not. 
  • Check the customers’ signatures, record transactions in the branch computer system, and independently verify the payment of checks, demand draughts, withdrawal forms, and banker’s checks.
  • Take payment and produce counter slips or acknowledgements.
  • the passbooks, and
  • Print and distribute the payment instruments.

Agricultural Assistants

  • To support banking activities related to agricultural development for financial support of small businesses.
  • providing small farmers and borrowers with application papers and helping them fill them out
  • Review the farm plans and application documents carefully.
  • to inspect the farms’ equipment, tractors, pump sets, machinery, and livestock at predetermined intervals
  • To keep in touch with land record and registration offices and other development organisations to handle the banking tasks.

Now that you know the duties you will have to perform when you are selected as SBI Clerk, apply for the SBI clerk notification and start preparing. SBI Clerk is one of the most sought-after examinations in India. 

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